Engagement Shoots

So you're engaged...congratulations! You're going through all the rigmarole of planning your wedding, you've got your photographer booked...but you've never seen them in action. You're comfortable with them, but maybe there's a little niggle at the back of your mind. What if I don't photograph well? What if I don't like how they shoot?

Few people are natural in front of the camera. Yes, your mate may have caught a great snap of you on their phone relaxing at a family BBQ, and you have no hesitation about modelling in front of the mirror, but for many of us, being photographed professionally can be a slightly intimidating affair at first. And what do you really not want on your wedding day? More stress!

Engagement photography is an ideal solution to this. It allows you to get comfortable in front of the camera, allows me to see how I can best interact with you, what works, and maybe even what doesn't. It builds a rapport between the pair of you and me, which in turn makes the photography on your wedding day that much more relaxed and enjoyable as I am already a known quantity. To this end, this is arguably one of the most important aspects of planning your wedding. And to make matters even better, it comes at NO EXTRA COST.


So what do I want to see on your engagement shoot? YOU. Not dressed up to the nines, but in something that typifies you as a couple, as individuals, something that shows your personality. It shows the people behind the typically formal dress of the wedding day. It is about the two of you interacting and having fun together, letting the world see what a compatible pair you make and how perfect you will be on your wedding day. It shows promise, laughter, fun and love.

The shoot typically takes 1-2 hours, and can be at a location of your choosing. If you're stuck for inspiration, worry not; based in such a beautiful part of the country I have a few favourite go-to locations not far from here.

After the shoot, images are uploaded to a secure password protected gallery for perusal at your leisure. Many display and print options are available, which can make great pre wedding gifts to parents, or perhaps a signing frame for guests on the Big Day.